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It’s the heart that pumps blood to different parts and organs of the body and provides us oxygen and energy. It has to function properly, tirelessly and persistently to keep us healthy and fit. So, you must immediately consult a doctor whenever you face symptoms such as chest pain, chest pounding, shortness of breath and rapid heartbeats.

These symptoms are surely not encouraging and only the doctor can assess your condition properly, diagnose you and then begin the treatment. With early treatment, you avoid the complications and risks of heart attacks, stroke and heart failure. The first test you are asked to undergo will be the ECG electrocardiogram test as it determines whether or not the heart is functioning properly.

In fact, this test is a routine aspect of preventive screening and it’s non-invasive. It measures the heart’s electrical activity and diagnoses different heart conditions. You too can buy an ECG monitor and do the test on your own.

When is ECG necessary?

An ECG test is very helpful as it helps determine the heart rate and rhythm. It assesses any anomaly with regard to electrical impulses in the heart and checks the heart muscles’ thickness. If confirms whether someone was hit by a heart attack recently or someone suffers from coronary artery disease.

ECG becomes necessary when –

  • In cases when one feels shortness of breath
  • Patients feel chest pain
  • When someone experiences symptoms of palpitations and lightheadedness
  • Those who feel syncope or fainting can also take this test

Why ECG is included in routine health screening tests?

Heart disease and stroke continue to be among the leading causes of death across the world. That’s why, it makes a lot of sense to ensure earlier detection of any heart disease and manage the risk factors in a timely manner.That’s why, ECG tests hold value and become routine in health screening tests.

Let’s look at the major reasons of ECG routinely included in regular health screening tests –

  • The test is very helpful to even those with no symptoms of heart diseases but with risk factors of developing a heart problem sooner or later
  • The test helps doctors evaluate the risk factors of patients and they can then advise preventive measures
  • It’s the test that confirms to patients the need of making changes to lifestyles and leading a healthy life
  • The test is important as heart diseases are deadly and can strike with minimal symptoms
  • It helps recognize even those symptoms people normally ignore thinking them to be normal aspects
  • Routine ECG screening can help you in a timely and early diagnosis of adverse heart conditions
  • The test will help prevent complications and keep you away from risks

Overall, you should consult a doctor immediately or health advice if any heart disease symptoms are felt. You can even buy a monitor and assess your heath at home. After all, ECG machine price is not steep and you can buy the product from one of the many online stores. So, take a right step towards a healthy and disease-free life.